Our Philosophy-

Natural - Romantic - Timeless

Workshop is a Glasgow, Scotland based studio specialising in everyday florals, plants + event blooms.

Our style  draws inspiration from the ever-changing seasons and strongly believe that flowers should look as they are found in nature. Loose, natural and with an abundance of greenery.

At Workshop we love the juxtaposition of hard + soft textures and dark + light hues.

If you are interested in chatting about flowers for an upcoming wedding or event please contact us here. We would love to hear from you!

About Claire -

My journey into flowers was not planned as such, my love for Father of the Bride and The Wedding Planner is where it all started...

The dream of following in ‘Francks’ footsteps led me to study and become a certified wedding and event planner and from this my interest in florals grew. Having a creative mindset, working with my hands brings me the most joy.

​Market mornings are my favourite with coffee in hand - a necessity of course! Perusing the daily offerings in search of a variety I haven’t seen before or those cappuccino roses I just have to have. Loading up my cart, bundle after bundle admiring the colour palette I have created, knowing that I have a game of Tetris ahead trying to fit them all in my extremely practical MINI!